Liverpool Open Research Week 2021


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Tools and Technology for Open Research: Following The Open Research Life Cycle

Open Research Week 2021 was a collaboration between the University of Liverpool Library’s Open Research Team, the Research Support Team of LJMU Library and Research Support at Edge Hill University Library.

The first half of this session showcases the life cycle of an open data research project from data collection to communicating and visualizing the results. As open data and software become increasingly accessible to researchers, practitioners, planners and the general public, data- and research-driven studies can help provide insights to a wide-ranging audience.

The second half of the session is a demonstration and online tutorial which runs through an application of open research for the study of employment centres across England. Source materials, code and data are available for those with an interest in following along simultaneously or after the session. For those who are interested in following along in the demonstration an online a Github repository will be shared which includes the code, data and walkthrough tutorial.

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