Advanced Microeconomic Theory

Undergraduate Course, Nova School of Business and Economics, 2018

Teaching Assistant

Spring 2017; Spring 2018

Advanced tools for microeconomic analysis, including general equilibrium and welfare analysis, the identification of market failure and possible policy solutions, modeling strategic interaction and choice under uncertainty and applying these tools to situations of asymmetric information.

Course Content

1 General Equilibrium and Welfare (Exchange)1-1 General Equilibrium
1-2 Welfare
2 Externalities and Public Goods2-1 Externalities
2-2 Public Goods
3 Game Theory3-1 Static Games with Complete Information
3-2 Dynamic Games with Complete Information
3-3 Static Games with Incomplete Information
3-4 Dynamic Games with Incomplete Information
4 Uncertainty4-1 Contingent Consumption
4-2 Expected Utility
4-3 Risk and Attitude towards Risk
5 Asymmetric Information5-1 Moral Hazard
5-2 Mechanism Design and Auctions
5-3 Adverse Selection: signaling


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  • Hal Varian, Intermediate Microeconomics: a Modern Approach, Norton, New York, 9th edition, 2014