Researching the City

Undergraduate Course, University of Sheffield, Dept. Urban Studies and Planning, 2022

Module Instructor

Fall 2022

Module Aims

This module aims to develop your understanding and skills in undertaking research in urban contexts. These key skills will be important in planning and undertaking your dissertation at level 3. You will develop your research skills by focusing on a ‘real life’ problem or challenge in a particular place. The problem is flood risk management (FRM), the place is Hull in Yorkshire. The module will be supported by a field trip to Hull 28-30nd March and two days (1-2nd April) further activity in either Rotterdam or Sheffield.

Flood management is a real and present threat in many countries and urban areas and hence requires active planning. Flood management also influences water supply and environmental protection more broadly. Flood risk is unequal, with the more deprived usually at greater risk and also more vulnerable. Given a situation of accelerating global warming, flood management is a topic with which planners in all countries will have to grapple for years to come.

Learning Outcomes

It is expected that, by the end of the module, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • enhanced abilities in research related to urban design, planning policy and social research methods in a European context
  • enhanced understanding of the importance of local context in influencing the outcomes of planning policy within Europe
  • enhanced development of skills in research reporting.

Skills Development

The module is badged as helping to develop your skills in three areas:

  • Research Skills you will identify data and research literature on the topic
  • Numeracy & Digital Literacy Skills you will gain skills in data collection, analysis and interpretation
  • Communication Skills you will prepare a clear and coherent research proposal.

A field trip – see blog post